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This Fall, Brown Bag is very pleased to introduce a new line of Classic Cookie Stamps, 3” tall fluted beauties that press out 3” cookies.

Decorated with Santa’s smiling face, a Christmas Tree, a Snowflake, or with a tiny Reindeer, leaping across a wintry sky.

All Classic Cookie Stamps are made in America from high-fired stoneware. They are 100% lead free, and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Each comes with an instruction and recipe booklet with 5 delicious recipes and directions for making ice cream sandwiches. Check our “Retail Locations” to locate a retailer near you.

Read Our Cookie Stamp Instructions

Roll unchilled dough into 1 ½” – 1 ¾” balls, dust each ball lightly with flour and place 4” apart on an un-greased baking sheet.

Stamp each ball with your Classic Cookie Stamp, being careful to press down evenly. You can vary the thickness of your cookies according to how much dough you use and how hard you press.

Bake on the top shelf in a 350° oven until lightly browned; start checking after 12 minutes.

Note: Do NOT oil your cookie stamp. If you are having trouble with sticking, lightly dust the stamp base with flour, then tap to remove excess and stamp.

Wash your Classic Cookie Stamp in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.


AliumA favorite flower of the decorative artists of 1900, this striking Alium blossom is as sophisticated today as it was more than 100 years ago.

Moss Rose

Moss RoseThe Moss Rose, with its curving branches and lush blossoms makes a most romantic cookie, perfect for all occasions or none at all.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the ValleyDelicate and understated, elegant and sweet. The curving leaves of this beauty shelter two sprays of tiny bell-shaped blossoms.

Woodland Flowers

Woodland FlowersNibbling a cookie embossed with delicate Woodland Flowers, one can almost see the Fairies and Pixies peeping from behind trees right out of the illustrated Colored Fairy Tale Books.

Celtic Knot Heart

knotted-heart-catThis classic knotwork heart was inspired by all of the beautiful Celtic designs I have seen in the borders of manuscripts. Being Scotch-Irish, I simply had to include this design in the mix.

Scalloped Heart

ruffled-heart-catThe simplicity of the central heart is set off by ruffles and scallops to create a very sweet, very romantic cookie.

Tulip Heart

tulip-heart-catInspired by designs painted on barns by the Pennsylvania Dutch, this heart has a clean simplicity that I love. The cookies are sweet and very dramatic.

Quilted Basket Heart

heart-basket-catYears ago, I made a quilt for a dear friend with this design. For me, this is a “Friendship Heart”. Bake some cookies for friends of yours.


thistle-catThe Thistle is a rugged plant that has adapted to harsh conditions and still graces the world with delicate lavender blooms. How perfect for it to be the Scottish national flower.


shamrock-catA touch of Ireland, for St. Patrick’s Day and all the year.

Celtic Cross

celtic-cross-catThis Cookie Stamp design was adapted from an ancient design found in Ireland.


claddagh-catThe symbolic Claddagh emblem includes a heart for love, a crown for loyalty and hands for friendship. Lovely in a ring, delightful for a cookie to be shared with those you hold dear.

Scotty Dog

scotty-dogA little Scotty Dog surrounded by a plaid border is the newest edition to our Celtic Collection of Classic Cookie Stamps.


SantaRing in the Holidays this year with homemade cookies made using our handcrafted Santa Cookie Stamp. These cookies will bring a smile to faces, young and old, as they celebrate the season. If you would like to “paint” Santa’s face with edible food coloring, check out the instructions for Painted Cookies in the “New Idea Book”.

X-mas Tree

X-mas TreeCreate delicious and memorable Holiday cookies using our handcrafted Christmas Tree Cookie Stamp. It’s easy to press this classic design into unbaked dough to make truly extraordinary treats that are beautiful just as they come from the oven. Or you can embellish them still further, as your heart desires.


SnowflakeDelight family and friends with Snowflake cookies made using our stoneware cookie stamp. You can add sparkle with a few extra sugar crystals. Better yet, make extraordinary ice cream sandwiches with whatever combination of cookie and ice cream flavors you want. The recipe booklet with each stamp tells you how.


ReindeerA tiny reindeer leaps across the winter sky to deliver Christmas joy. Family and friends will be delighted with cookies made using our handcrafted Reindeer Cookie Stamp. Delicious, memorable, and very special… that’s what Brown Bag cookies are all about. We look forward to celebrating the season with you.


PeaceMake delicious cookies that express the beauty, intricacy and delight that Peace brings. Celtic knotwork entwines beneath the word “Peace”. A lovely gift to share!


JoyThe name says it all! Make cookies, give cookies, share cookies that bring Joy!


LoveThe delicate winged heart beneath the simple word “Love” brings your message to everyone lucky enough to taste one of the cookies made from this stamp.


HoHO! HO! HO! Let the laughter ring! Just imagine the effect of a plateful of these cookies at a Holiday buffet… or tucked into a stocking first thing Christmas morning.

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